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Congratulations to our Canadian Plow Team!

Canadian Plow Team representing Canada at the 68th World Ploughing Championship – Latvia - 2023

Bert Beyens (coach reversible)Keith Davenport (Judge) Tom Ryall (Canadian World Board Representative) Tom Evans reversible competitor, Brian

Davenport conventional

competitor and Daryl Hostrawser (conventional


What a finish! Tom Evans 5th

overall in reversible and Brian Davenport captures 7th in the conventional class. It’s been a journey for these gentlemen.

Arriving in Latvia two weeks prior to the World event is great preplanning. It allows the time to inspect the equipment that journeyed ahead of them by sea.

With accommodation and pre-practice plots already locked down, the plow team had time to settle in, check out the soil conditions

and adjust to the culture, climate, and cuisine. Many people do not realize the adjustment when taking up residence away from home for a few weeks before it's time to start turning dirt professionally. Your daily routine is upside down! It’s so important to climatize the body and mind because it’s not too long

before the tension starts creeping in.

It’s October and the weather is changing. Cool brisk breezes, dampness in the air and yes what would a plowing match be without rain? It is to be said that perhaps Mother Nature had been saving up in Latvia. All the competitors endured unthinkable weather on the second day in sod. Canada had both scored well in their first plot of stubble land, so it was key to hold on and bring those scores up on day two. Rivers, they plowed rivers that even produced tributaries!!!!! It was time to dial into all the learnings

they had practiced for. They held firm and looked at the results. This was a TEAM effort. Thank you, Brian, Tom E., Daryl, Bert, Keith, and Tom Ryall. There will be lots of stories to share when they arrive home, but one thing stands out. During their many

media posts, they share with all of us “the kindness of the people”. Let peace cultivate the soil.

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