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Presidents Note October 2021

The Canadian Plowing Organization (CPO) hopes everyone is well in this time of uncertainty. Hopefully, the pandemic will soon come to an end. The CPO is now busy making plans for the 2022 plowing contest in anticipation of resuming the Canadian Plowing Competition (CPC). We understand that Competitors, in their quest to reach their goal in the art and skill of plowing, are anxious to resume competing in the CPC. It is one of our objectives, as the CPO, to assist every Plow Person to reach their goal. At this time I would ask you to read through the CPO website to update yourself on upcoming dates and places of the Canadian plowing and World plowing. You may also find other points of interest as you read through the site. It is with great optimism that the CPO hopes to see a successful CPC competition in 2022.

Thomas Murdock, President CPO

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