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Thats a wrap!

It’s a wrap! CPC–23 is in the books. We wish to thank everyone who helped make this event successful. The Region of Durham Plowmen’s Association showcased CPC-23. Only eight months to

promote, organize and deliver and they pulled out all the stops. Chair Barry Timbers and co-chair Jim Ferguson are proud of the Region of Durham Plowmen’s Association, its members and those who joined for this event. Everyone worked very well together.

The site location was remarkable, and many thanks are extended to Lois Baker and her family. Whatever anyone needed Lois made sure it was delivered! Woodville and the surrounding communities,

businesses, residents, and plow fans rallied their continued support for the Baker family, the Durham Plowmen and the Canadian Organization. Thank you.

A history-making charity auction in support of the Canadian Plowing Organization (CPO) demonstrates the commitment, passion, enthusiasm, and entertainment of all involved. The annual auction is the

main source of revenue for CPO. The visitor’s tour through the Kawartha Lakes identified some of the natural beauty of this area and made those from afar understand its attraction. Lunch at Eagan Ridge by the Lake sealed the deal! The plowing championship, the reason we are celebrating the week, provided twelve skilled plowmen, from British Columbia and Ontario, a way to demonstrate their talent, compete for the opportunity to represent Canada on the world stage in 2024 and provide a way for people to

learn and ask questions.

The CPO has had a successful year. The current President, Thomas Murdock, since 2014 but a member of CPO for many years, announced that it was time for a change in leadership and that he would be

stepping back. Tom has led the group through many challenges and accomplishments over the past nine years as leader of this organization. It’s not always easy keeping that furrow straight but with his knowledge and integrity the organization has grown stronger. The Canadian Plowing Organization is pleased to know that as past president Tom will be there for support and will continue to be an active member. The new President-elect, Steve Speller, well known around the plowing circle and the Board of Directors brings forward a wealth of knowledge and experiences. Hands-on is his approach and we look forward to an exciting year ahead. Congratulations Steve!

The 2023 – 2024 Canadian Plowing Organization Board of Directors:

Steve Speller - President Jim Sache - Vice-President

Thomas Murdock - Past President Cheryl Timbers Secretary/Treasurer

Tom Ryall - Canada’s Board member to the World Ploughing Organisation

The remaining directors were elected from the membership for 2023 – 2024.

Robert (Bob) Brown, Craig Cameron, Brian Davenport,

Gary Keith, Lynn McDonald, Patrick Sanders, Barry Timbers.

Acknowledging the active CPO membership:

Kathy Cameron, Allison Davenport, Keith Davenport, Morley Clarke, Matthew McGuire, Carl Sterling, Stephanie Sanders, Jennifer Waldroff

Looking forward to a productive year ahead.

With a close to 2023, the CPO is super excited to be travelling to Wolfe Island, St. Lawrence River, KINGSTON, Ontario August 28, 29, and 30 for CPC – 24. The chair, Dennis Mosier and Co-chair Dr. Janine(Handforth) Posthumous have the week laid out and are promising those who attend will not be disappointed.

We hope to see you there!

Thank you for your continued support, enquiries, recommendations, and sponsorship.

Respectfully: The Canadian Plowing Organization

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