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Thank you to the Region of Durham Plowmen’s Association

The 2023 Canadian Plowing Championship Contest – a huge success! A big thank you to the Region of Durham Plowmen’s Association and especially to the host farmer – Lois Baker and her family. A perfect

location in the wonderful community of Woodville, Ontario the last week of August 2023 and even Mother Nature enjoyed the festivities so much that she shone down brightly for the entire week. Could not

have been better.

2023 Canadian Plowing Championship Contest

The Canadian Plowing Organization recognizes and appreciates all the volunteer work and hours this entails. This year’s host, the Region of Durham Plowmen confirms that it truly brings everyone together.

It showcases the many talents and skills as well as the years of knowledge the members of this association hold in their game book! Barry Timbers, chair and Jim Ferguson, co-chair put in some long

hours but was so incredibly pleased that everyone in the group stepped forward and the Team of volunteers put it in motion. From raising flags, BBQing on site for the plowmen, entertainment, a history-making auction, visitors tour and the grand finale, they covered it all. Not to mention they held their own local event just the Saturday prior with 47 competitors attending. What a success and what a way to wrap up the year. From the Canadian Plowing Organization “THANK YOU”!!!

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