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2023 Canadian Plowing Champions

Conventional Champion - Brian Davenport – Ontario

Reserve - Patrick Sanders - Ontario

Reversible Champion - Bob Campsall – Ontario

Reserve - Francis Sache – B.C.

The champions accept and claim the Canadian trophy for their class for one year or until the next Canadian Champion is declared. Each champion will receive a keepsake plaque as a commemoration of their winnings. This plaque is produced and presented by Barry Timbers and Greg Timbers following the practice of their late father

Robert (Bob) Timbers for many years. A proud piece of Canadian Plowing history!

Brian and Bob will represent Canada at the World Ploughing Championship in Estonia mid August of 2024. Both are seasoned competitors and both will represent Canada and the Canadian Plowing Organization proudly. We congratulate them and wish them all the best as they prepare over the coming months.

Junior Canadian Plow Champion - Austin Brodhaecker also from Ontario.

Austin is the junior plow champion at the highest level in Canada. He accepts and claims the Junior Canadian

trophy for one year or until the next champion is declared. Austin is also the recipient of the Commonwealth Financial Equity Associates Inc., (Patrick and Stephanie Sanders) scholarship awarded to the Junior Champion to support his post-secondary education. We congratulate Austin and wish him much success in the coming year.

Alex Cameron, Owen Sound finished as the reserve Junior Champion. Alex is the recipient of a $300.00 cash award sponsored by Barry Timbers. Barry also presents a keeper plaque to all who compete in the Junior Canadian Plowing Contest.

Donna Telfer donates a medal to all competitors at the Canadian contest as an acknowledgment of their diligent preparedness and success in reaching this level of competitive plowing.

To all our competitors, thank you for being a part of CPC–23!

Bob Campsall Brian Davenport Austin Brodhaecker 2023 Canadian Plow Champions.

Once again, the Canadian Plowing Organization wishes to congratulate and thank the Baker Family for their hospitality, and new friendships and for providing such an amazing location to host. To the Region of Durham Plowmen – thank you. Once again you have stepped forward - given your all and hosted a very exciting Canadian Plowing Championship Contest. Thank you.

Host farmer: Lois Baker with her daughters Kathy and Holly

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